Want an internal recruiter experience without the price of a full time employee?

Leverage our experienced team to provide an excellent candidate experience, as we manage your entire hiring process from start to finish.

As hourly embedded talent acquisition consultants, we can:

  • Advise on the best applicant tracking system (ATS) for your business and get you started
  • Leverage automation to reduce time to hire
  • Improve interview processes to help you make decisions quickly and improve the candidate experience
  • help you plan your headcount growth strategy
  • Employ advanced research methodologies to find, qualify and recruit all-star engineering candidates that aren’t even looking for a new role
  • Tell a compelling story that helps small employers without name recognition compete effectively for talent in a challenging market.


“Ryan is an excellent asset to any team. He made a career transition from a engineer to a recruiting role and right away started to show value to the team. His technical experience allowed him to identify excellent candidates by using his skills to determine who had the right technical as well as behavioral skills for roles he was recruiting. He also was able to help create better reporting tools as well as bring a fresh new perspective to the recruiting team. His understanding of technical concepts as well as recruiting practices makes him an excellent match for anyone looking for a well rounded recruiter.”

— Joe Jatip, Manager, Talent Sourcing, Pure Storage.

Joe Jatip

“I worked with Ryan while he had two different functions at Pure Storage: Technical Support Manager and Technical Recruiter. In both positions Ryan showed all the attributes that make him a great addition to any team: He is super smart, has great attention to detail and a great dedication to his job. He always has a great positive attitude and whatever it is he gets the job done. You won’t hear the words “not my problem” from him. Ryan is overall a great person and he will add value where ever he works.”

— Christopher Zang, VP of Support, Yellowbrick Data

Christopher Zang