We believe that tech people should be placed by people who understand technology. Our founder had nearly ten years of experience in technical roles before pivoting to recruiting. Our technical experience helps us understand what motivates engineers and helps us quickly develop trust and credibility with candidates. We tell a compelling story that helps small employers without name recognition compete effectively against much larger companies for talent in a challenging market. We deliver a great candidate experience and consistent results.

Our Mission

to provide a streamlined, highly efficient, and effective method of finding and placing skilled software engineers and product managers with companies by gaining a thorough understanding of both the individual candidates’ needs and the nature of our client’s business.

Direct Hire

You can leverage our experienced team to source quality candidates for your difficult to fill positions on a contingency basis. We don’t get paid unless your position is filled, and we guarantee our work for 90 days.

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Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Want an internal recruiter experience without the price of a full time employee?

Leverage our experienced team to provide an excellent candidate experience, as we manage your entire hiring process from start to finish.

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About US

SokkoSisu was founded on the belief that recruiters should understand the positions, candidates, and clients that they work with. Understanding the technical aspects of the roles we fill helps us to find the right fit.

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Open roles

Take a look at our job opportunities from all over the world to take a step toward your better future.

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“I worked with Ryan during 2022 – he was a recruitment consultant at Hoxhunt, and worked across a broad spectrum of roles – including Tech, Support, Product, and Data. Ryan brings a huge amount of experience to the table, and is highly adaptable due to his experience recruiting in a lot of different markets around the world, with his deep experience in the US market having helped Hoxhunt find talent that is often overlooked by others. As if Ryan’s ability in the US market wasn’t enough, he is also highly adept at sourcing difficult and niche roles in the Finnish market, and I have no doubt that given other regions to work on, he would also rapidly succeed.

I really hope to get to work with Ryan again in the future – his kindness, wit, and ability to easily to explain complex concepts make him a fantastic colleague, and a brilliant recruiter!”

— Leo Heydon Lancelot Johansson-Stockford, Talent Acquisition Manager, Hoxhunt

Leo Johansson-Stockford

“I have known and worked with Ryan for two years at Pure Storage, and during that time, I continuously witnessed Ryan’s exceptional teamwork, coordination and recruiting skills. Ryan was invaluable in finding us the right candidates enabling us to achieve our hiring goals in a very short time. Ryan has shown his capability as an effective recruiter with passion and a motivation to help my team be successful. Working with Ryan, I was able to witness his recruiting approaches firsthand during our hiring cycles, where he leveraged his technical background as well as his understanding of our business and culture. Ryan always managed to form good relationships with my management team which led to great collaboration and helped us achieve our goals. Ryan repeatedly exhibited a high level of professionalism in addition to time and project management. I am confident that Ryan Boudwin will be an invaluable addition anywhere he goes, as Ryan consistently demonstrates the skills necessary to succeed.”

— Elie El Kessrwany, Sr. Manager, Pure Storage

Headshot of Elie El Kessrwany

Elie EL Kessrwany

“During the last year we have grown our R&D team significantly. Part of the growth involved hiring senior team members and colleagues with specialized skills on the front end, Scala, DevOps, QA/QA automation, data science and more. Ryan has been extremely methodical in understanding the job descriptions for the various positions, reaching out across the US to look for candidates, establishing eligible candidate pipelines and driving the interview process within our R&D organization. Ryan is collaborative and works effectively across HR, R&D and finance to ensure alignment. Thanks to Ryan’s diligence and persistence, we have significantly accelerated our hiring process.”

— Christopher Lewis, Chief Technical Officer, Avetta

Headshot of Christopher Lewis

Christopher Lewis

Meet Our Team

SokkoSisu was founded on the belief that recruiters should understand the positions, candidates, and clients that they work with. It’s important to us that we understand the technical aspects of the roles we fill. We know that to find the right fit, we need to speak dev.

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Ryan Boudwin

Managing Director  
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Annika Boudwin

Talent Acquisition Specialist
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Samantha Motter

Talent Acquisition Specialist
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